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CCG, is an initiative by Peace Trust and is situated in the main campus of Peace Trust at Kanyakumari. It was founded in 2005, after the Tsunami hit the shores of the Indian Ocean and caused havoc in the lives of many people living in the coastal areas of Kanyakumari district. Though much relief work was undertaken by Peace Trust then, the psychological trauma caused by the tsunami needed to be addressed. It was with this intention that CCG was founded.

Initially much counseling work was done among the victims as a team of volunteers from United Theological College, Bangalore were trained to go out into the affected villages in the district and offer support and counseling. Later, we extended our services to schools and colleges, providing talks on various topics and counseling students both in schools and private setting through which many were benefitted. Over the years, we have organized national level and state level seminars and conferences on various topics at our center at Kanyakumari. Many workshops and awareness programmes are also conducted in Nagercoil and Marthandam areas.

Founder Director, CCG

Ratna R. Robinson, Psychologist, is a child and adolescent mental health professional having more than 14 years of experience in the field of Counseling and Psychotherapy. Her research area is on adolescent internet usage and its effect on mental health, alienation and psychosocial behavior. She also works closely with children with learning difficulties and offers counseling and psychotherapy to adolescents and adults for psychological and behavioural problems. She also offers her professional services to schools and colleges as consultant psychologist and addresses the parents, students, and teachers of many institutions. She has published articles in both national and international journals.

Ratna R. Robinson

Silver Lining Counseling Center, Nagercoil

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The Silver Lining Center for Counseling and Guidance is a consultation clinic situated in West Lutheran Road, Zion Street, Nagercoil. It is a branch of CCG which was mainly started to provide counseling to those living in and around Nagercoil who cannot travel the distance of 25 Km to Kanyakumari for a counseling session. Here, Ratna provides consultation for parents, children/adolescents and adults.

Counseling is provided for children with behavior problems, study related problems, adolescent behavior issues, pre-marital and marital counseling, internet usage, online/smart phone/social media addiction, child abuse and trauma, mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies. Psychological testing and assessment is also done here but only if required.